A to Z Wellbeing Activity Cards

27th September 2021 - Kayla Herbert

We have launched our A to Z Wellbeing Activity Cards: C is for Creativity and 29 other ways to nurture healthy young minds.

Designed in collaboration with Jo Stockdale from Well Within Reach, this interactive resource helps teachers and creative practitioners help improve emotional intelligence, increase wellbeing and strengthen social skills in young people.

A to Z of wellbeing

Every pack comes with 26 A to Z cards and four wild cards. Each card provides a single word that defines an aspect of wellbeing and offers prompts and questions to explore the idea with young people.

These cards are completely adaptable and can suit young people of all ages and abilities. Learn more about our A to Z cards by viewing the guidance notes here.

A to Z Wellbeing Activity Cards

Why we’ve created this resource

Young people who are emotionally and socially competent have a more positive influence over their own outcomes than those who don’t.

Now more than ever, in the aftermath of a global pandemic, we need to be helping our children to be the leaders of their own learning, the beholders of sound self-esteem and resilience, and ensure they’re well equipped to create rich and fulfilling lives for themselves.

We paired with Jo from Well Within Reach to create a resource that is both interactive and adaptable. We hope that this will help make challenging topics around mental health and wellbeing more approachable.

What people have said

“I used the ‘J is for Joyful’ card as a starter with a pupil suffering from anxiety.

“She dived into creating her Joy list and I felt this activity was really worthwhile straight away. I loved the self-knowledge that she gained. The card was helping the individual to find their own answer to fight anxiety, thus empowering them. It helped her to realise what she could actively do to help herself. This card had a positive impact upon her life.”

-Pat Moore, Winchmore Tutors

“The format of having them as cards makes them accessible and the content of the cards makes them valuable – I think the addition of the wildcards are brilliant and add versatility. I also think the brevity of explanations on them is great and the clarity of the information exactly what is needed.

“All in all I think they are an incredibly useful resource that are very much embedded in my toolbox of techniques and I look forward to developing my familiarity with them so I can grow the ways I utilise them.”

-Sarah Osborne, Yew Tree

Sign up for a pack of A to Z Wellbeing Activity Cards

To receive a pack of A to Z wellbeing cards, please fill out our sign up form with your details here.

Once we’ve received this, we’ll be in touch to confirm if you’ve been added to our distribution list. We really welcome any and all feedback regarding the cards, so once you’ve received a pack and have had the chance to use them- we’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about how the cards can benefit you, contact April.

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