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Our history

We are IVE (formerly CapeUK) was established as an incorporated company in April 1997 and registered as a charity in April 1999.

Inspired by radical new models of creative education, the company was originally set up as a research and development organisation. CapeUK looked to drill down into the creative process and explore how it might be used to drive improvements in teaching and learning. We became influential in relation to policy development and established a national and international reach in relation to championing creativity and professional learning. We also acted as advisors to Government on the importance of creativity and how it might be developed as a transferable skill.

By 2014 we realised there was an opportunity to diversify our work and utilise the learning that 17 years of research and development had provided us. It was clear there was significant appetite beyond the education and cultural sectors for programmes that were aimed at developing the creative capacity and competencies of the workforce, and particularly in leadership. We have therefore spent the last 5 years designing and delivering training that aims to teach creativity as a transferable skill and how to create the right environment for creativity to flourish within the workplace, driving innovation, in a consistent and structured way. We also draw out the leadership and team behaviours that are needed to support this.

IVE today

Rosi Lister, CEO, explains:

Rosi Lister CEO We are IVE

“In 2016 we began delivering creative leadership training in sectors that are highly regulated and where staff are not traditionally encouraged or empowered to think outside the box, but where there is a growing need for this skill set.

“Then, in 2017, our umbrella identity became We Are IVE Ltd, establishing InnovatIVE as our trading company which gifts all profits to our charitable programme. This programme seeks to inspire young, diverse & talented people from some of our most disadvantaged communities through a range of opportunities designed to develop their own creative potential as future leaders.”

We believe that the workplace of the future depends on having individuals that are creative, that are able to adapt, that are resilient and have the range of skills and aptitudes employers are looking for.  That’s why, when we deliver our training on an earned income basis, the profit goes back into supporting our charitable programmes for disadvantaged young people.  It is therefore a ‘pay it forward’ scheme where all our customers and beneficiaries win.

You can read more about our plans to help ‘Unleash the power of creativity’ in our 5 Year Business Strategy

IVE Strategy Business Plan 2022-25 Abridged

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