Arts Council England NPO Funding Announcement

4th November 2022 - Sharon Rugg

Having managed the Bridge programme for Arts Council England for more than a decade, IVE has been unsuccessful in its bid for National Portfolio Organisation status. Whilst we are disappointed by the decision we will continue with our own ambitious vision for the future of creativity. Celebrating more than 10 years of support for the arts and cultural education sectors across Yorkshire and the Humber, IVE has commissioned an independent Bridge impact report which will share the achievements and learning of this momentous programme.  The experience and expertise gained from managing the Bridge programme and others, has helped shape our exciting new strategy ‘Unleashing the power of creativity’. The strategy reframes our purpose, simplifies our offer, and focuses on a new vision where creativity can shape a better world.  

With young people still very much at the heart of our purpose we will build upon our increasingly successful Applied Creativity programmes and those that give focus to Youth Voice. We want to empower young people to create innovative solutions to real- world challenges, giving them the creative behaviours and thinking skills they need to develop new ideas. We want to encourage them to use their creativity to take an active role in campaigning for, and creating, their own futures.  

Over the past few years, we have also recognised the importance of helping organisations to up-skill or re-skill workforces and equip both people and businesses with the creative- problem solving and leadership skills they need to thrive in a modern world. Our strategy looks to expand the series of Creative Leadership, and Diversity and Inclusion programmes we have developed, to help unlock the value of creativity and innovation within industry.   

With creativity being recognised as the ‘skill of the future’, we will evolve our role, partnerships and offer, to help equip young people, and businesses with the relevant creative competencies and resilience to build better futures for people, the economy and the planet. We will be using the coming days to put in place the organisational plans, structures and partnerships that will enable us to give life to this new strategy and fulfil our aims and objectives from April 2023.    


Rashik Parmar, Chair

Rosi Lister, CEO


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