Designed by schools for schools, Artsmark is the Arts Council’s creative quality standard. Revised in 2015, Artsmark is a school improvement framework that supports and guides schools to deliver an exemplary arts & cultural education.

Artsmark provides a clear framework for teachers to plan, develop and evaluate arts, culture and creativity across the curriculum, with support from us and access to Artsmark Partners from across the arts and culture sector. Artsmark is a journey more than an award, it’ll help you enrich, develop and strengthen your school’s arts and culture provision.

What’s more, Artsmark has a common sense process that is light on paperwork and flexible to each school.


We all know the pressures placed on schools and the impact that can have on the arts & culture.

Yet the value of the arts and the benefits to pupils is well understood with plenty of evidence to support how necessary it is for every young person to get to experience the arts at school.

Artsmark supports teachers to explore the value of arts and creativity in schools, from cross-curricular teaching to creative curriculum development. It helps you ensure pupils have a high quality broad and balanced curriculum that will prepare them for a successful future.

To help you advocate for the importance of arts and cultural experiences in your school, we’ve made this poster which shows “10 Reasons Why Arts and Culture Make A Difference to Young People’s Lives.”

The statements in this document have been drawn together from a variety of sources including academic research, sector specific publications and government reports.


One of the key benefits of Artsmark is the way it supports the development of a broad and balanced curriculum. You choose the focus of your Artsmark journey based on your school’s needs and priorities.

Specific other benefits include:


For 5 years IVE has been working with schools across Yorkshire & Humber to achieve their Artsmark award. In that time, we’ve gathered plenty of stories of what different schools saw as the positive impact of the Artsmark.

Gaudi Inspired Art at Bridgeview WhitehouseBridgeview Whitehouse uses Artsmark to put the arts at the centre of everything they do and as a result have seen improvements in engagement, behaviour and even staff job satisfaction.

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Pupils at Springhead in Caveman costumeSpringhead Primary School has used Artsmark to embed arts & culture into their curriculum and as a result have seen improvements in the confidence, engagement and happiness of their pupils.

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Andy Warhol Inspired Art at The Grange Primary SchoolGrange Primary credits Artsmark for helping them to boost attainment, particularly in literacy.

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Artsmark St George's Primary School Pupils Practicing danceSt  George’s Primary School in Hull have used Artsmark to address significant socio-economic challenges and build a community of pupils and staff that all enjoy coming to school.

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The first step on the Artsmark journey is attending one of our Artsmark Briefings. At these sessions, we’ll take you through how the Artsmark process works, how long it takes and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

If you’re interested in attending our next briefing, please fill in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch to arrange a suitable date and time.

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