Creativity for Teaching

Creativity for Teaching is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme for teachers that improves learning outcomes across the curriculum by equipping teachers with tools to nurture and develop the creativity of pupils.

There is extensive research that demonstrates the positive benefits for children & young people of learning that allows for and encourages creative thought and experimentation. In this course, we explain why creativity is so beneficial and how teachers can adapt their practice to allow for more opportunities to be creative in the classroom.

It’s not about more art lessons, it’s about a pedagogical approach that underpins all learning and equipping teachers with a method for teaching pupils how to be creative.

Creativity is now as important in education as literacy – Ken Robinson


IVE has been at the forefront of creative learning for the past 20 years and have carried out extensive research into the benefits of creative teaching and learning and the best ways to facilitate it.  Our research shows us that participation by young people in structured activities focused on creativity improves academic attainment in secondary-aged students, boosts pre-school and primary aged children’s early literacy skills, increases language development and relates learning to real work.

On this course, teachers will learn how to incorporate activities that promote creativity skills and creative thinking into all aspects of the curriculum. Teachers will learn how to develop a more creative mindset incorporating imagination, a drive to be inquisitive and the confidence to take controlled risks. Teachers will be supported to develop vision, strategy and structures that support creativity and consciously nurture and develop the creative capacities of their pupils.

Our approach uses fun, challenging activities to help teachers make new discoveries and open minds to ‘what if?’, ‘how can we…?’ and ‘let’s try this’.

Who is it for?

Creativity for Teaching is aimed principally at Primary and Secondary Teachers in any subject but could apply to anybody who works as an educator.

What will you learn?

Participants of the programme will learn:

  • To understand what creativity is, the creative process and its components
  • To become skilled in pedagogical tools that identify, nurture and develop the creative capacities of pupils
  • How to enhance their own creative potential
  • How to grow in confidence in using the creative process to bring about pupil progress
  • How to be prepared to take calculated risks
  • How to be comfortable with utilising failure as part of the learning and teaching process
  • How to develop a mindset in children that gives them a way to consider and deal with any problem

How will pupils benefit?

Teaching that allows pupils to utilise their skills in creativity has additional benefits on their development in other areas, including:

  • Cognitive abilities
  • Language development
  • Literacy skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Improved confidence which can be transferred to other subjects
  • The ability to work on their own initiative

You can find out more about how creativity benefits pupils in our White Paper. “Why do good and outstanding OFSTED schools demonstrate a creative mind set and an understanding of the importance of creativity?”

Format and delivery

Training sessions for Creativity for Teaching can be delivered in a variety of formats depending on your specific aims and requirements. We can deliver:

Prices depend on the training time and number of participants.

Praise for Creativity for Teaching

“Really enjoyable day that had an excellent mix of practical activities and opportunities to reflect on my practice”

“Thoroughly enjoyable training that left me with lots to think about in relation to promoting my students’ creativity”

“Some useful tips and techniques that will help students to be creative”

“This training offered great challenge to the concept of how we prepare kids for exams”

“Really great training delivered by an outstanding trainer!”

“Although I’ve been teaching for a number of years, I’ve learned lots from this training; Sharing ideas empowers others to make impact stronger”

We became more mindful about our teaching, practice”

“At the start of our project 28% of our year 2 students loved reading while 72% were more towards the ‘hate’ side” while at the end of it ‘81% enjoyed and wanted to do more reading’. We are definitely going to continue with this project in the next academic year.”

“I think 3 words sum up this training: supportive, purposeful, mindful.”

The Benefits of Creativity

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