Initial Teacher Training

Creativity for Teaching as Part of Initial Teacher Training is a one day workshop that can be added to an ITT course to equip future teachers with an understanding of the benefits of learning that encourages creative thought and pedagogical tools to develop and nurture pupil creativity.

This one day workshop can be added to an ITT or ITE course to equip prospective teachers with techniques and strategies to enable pupils to enhance their own creative skills; thereby increasing attainment and enabling passionate, independent learners.

Built upon 20 years of research, this training will equip participants with an understanding of what creativity is, a knowledge of the competencies that need to be developed in learners so that they can make rapid progress and the pedagogical techniques that will help develop the creative capacities of the pupils they will teach.

The course uses fun and immersive activities which can be adapted to use in classroom, alongside group interaction and reflection techniques. Participants gain an understanding of how to ensure their pupils become independent learners who are resilient to the pressures of modern day life, and confident in finding solutions to problems in different contexts.

This course is appropriate for both those who are looking to work in the primary and the secondary sector, and is applicable across the whole curriculum.

Who is it for?

People studying to become primary or secondary school teachers in any subject.

What will they learn?

Participants will learn:

  • To understand what creativity is, the creative process and its components
  • To become skilled in pedagogical tools that identify, nurture and develop the creative capacities of pupils
  • Specific techniques that underpin outstanding classroom practice
  • How to enhance their own creative potential
  • How to grow in confidence in using the creative process to bring about pupil progress
  • How to be prepared to take calculated risks
  • How to be comfortable with utilising failure as part of the learning and teaching process
  • How to develop a mindset in children that gives them a way to consider and deal with any problem


How Will Pupils Benefit?

Teaching that allows pupils to utilise their skills in creativity has additional benefits on their development in other areas, including:

  • Cognitive abilities
  • Language development
  • Literacy skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Improved confidence which can be transferred to other subjects
  • The ability to work on their own initiative
  • Resilience to the pressures of modern day life

You can find out more about how creativity benefits pupils in our White Paper. “Why do good and outstanding OFSTED schools demonstrate a creative mind set and an understanding of the importance of creativity?”

Format and delivery

Creativity for Teaching as part of Initial Teacher Training is delivered as a one day workshop. Prices are variable and will depend on the number of participants and the desired length of the session.

For a quote, or to find out more please complete an enquiry form.

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