No Limits: Free Arts CPD for Hull Teachers

Forget boring CPD, the best artists in Yorkshire are descending on Hull to offer fun and thought-provoking arts CPD training sessions to improve your teaching ability in creative and arts subjects.

And it’s all completely FREE!

No Limits is part of the continuing legacy of Hull: City of Culture 2017 and aims to ensure that Hull continues to produce generations of talented artists by equipping teachers with interesting, practical and stimulating ideas and techniques to utilise in art, dance, drama, literature, design and music or across the broader curriculum.

Offered in partnership between IVE and Hull: City of Culture 2017, teachers in Hull are entitled to attend as many of the No Limits sessions as they would like, completely free. All of the sessions are delivered in-house at your school and we can vary the times to fit around your requirements.

How it Works

  • Choose which of the subjects you would like to participate in
  • Email with available dates
  • We will get in touch and arrange with you a suitable date for the artists to come to your school to deliver the session
  • That’s it!

Alternatively, there are some confirmed dates listed for each subject below. Simply complete the form listing your preferred date and we will be in touch to confirm that the practitioner will attend your school to deliver the session.

The entire process is very flexible, time permitting, we can deliver multiple sessions in one day to fit into INSET or other plans. We can deliver sessions in the morning or as twilights and we can work any day of the week artist availability permitting.

We will also be making limited slots available to attend No Limits sessions hosted at other schools. If it is easier for you to attend an event than host one then please check out our events page for details of upcoming scheduled events.

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What’s on offer?


Le Jeu’ – Find Your ‘Funny’ Through Play with Markmark Productions

Play is not just for children!

In this session, teachers will learn to reclaim the concept of play. As adults, we forget the joy and pleasure that we found in simple play as children. It’s time to find it again. By working with the concept of Le Jeu, the art of finding pleasure and humour in performance, teachers will learn to play again, and will learn to nurture the ‘funny’ through game and play which will facilitate their creative teaching. This session will equip teachers with the creative skills and the confidence to bring play back to the classroom in order to inspire and engage their pupils.


How to Create Dance From…

with Northern Ballet’s Sophie Alder

photo by Jonny Walton
Dance can be created from allsorts – from simple choreography to feelings evoked from things in the world.

In this dance session, Northern Ballet’s Sophie Alder will help teachers to explore new ways to create, express and perform dance. Using the region’s own cultural landscape as a stimulus, teachers will use their senses to explore their environment and will channel the exuding sensations to create and perform their own unique movements. Based on their own learning preferences, abilities and creative processes, teachers will explore various creative roles – including choreographing, performing and documenting – and will be inspired to experiment with and adapt this all-inclusive approach to dance in their own school setting.

Complete the form below to book Sophie Alder to attend your school on the dates indicated. If these dates are not suitable, please use the main contact form.

Tuesday 12th JuneMonday 25th JuneMonday 2nd JulyTuesday 3rd July


Monsters Are Everywhere! With Pete Snelling

In this session with Pete Snelling from I Run my Pockets you will learn a range of animation techniques that will allow you to work together with other teachers to create your own animation. You will make your surroundings come to life by transforming nearby buildings into scary monsters. After creating your own animation, you will then learn how to apply this process back in the classroom in order to equip students with the tools to tell their own stories.


Mud Visions with Rowena Sommerville

Enjoy creative writing? Love poetry? Love reading, thinking, making sense of feeling? Most importantly, do you love MUD?

In this session, Rowena Sommerville offers a range of activities and exercises for teachers interested in the opportunities that creative writing provides to explore both literacy and the wider curriculum. You’ll be introduced to writers who’ve been inspired by mud and provided with information about Humber mud to spark your imagination. Guidance and knowledge of simple templates for planning and running creative-writing workshops will be provided. You will also come away with new project ideas for school!


The Creative Chorus with Em Whitfield Brooks

Em Whitfeild Brooks invities you to to journey outside of the classroom, into unusual spaces to experience practical and useful ways in to inclusive singing and song writing as well as take part in a site-specific performance.  You will discover effective approaches to collective vocal and creative exploration in an accessible and fun session which is open to non-music specialists, music teachers, confident singers, absolute beginners and the totally terrified.

Complete the form below to book Em Whitfield Brooks to attend your school on the dates indicated. If these dates are not suitable, please use the main contact form.

Wednesday 6th JuneWednesday 20th June

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