Quality Principles

Arts Council England has developed a quality framework by which arts and cultural organisations can monitor the quality of their work with, by and for children and young people.  We offer support for arts and cultural organisations to get to grips with the quality principles via Quality Principles Reflective Practice groups, a regular newsletter and posts on our blog.

The 7 Quality Principles

1. Striving for excellence and innovation

Having a clear vision and striving for excellence, providing high-quality arts work and experiences, aiming to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people.

2. Being authentic

Being authentic in every aspect of the work, offering as real and meaningful an artistic experience or product as possible and helping children and young people develop artistic and aesthetic awareness, understanding and skills.

3. Being exciting, inspiring and engaging

Being exciting and engaging, providing inspiring and relevant opportunities that stretch, challenge and excite children and young people. Fostering positive dispositions towards the arts, and enhancing self-esteem, wider aspirations, life and career choices.

4. Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience

Ensuring a positive, child-centred experience for all children and young people. Having the passion, commitment, knowledge and skills for work involving children and young people. Helping them develop as confident individuals. Celebrating their achievements. Encouraging individual contributions and valuing diversity.

5. Actively involving children and young people

Emphasising the active involvement of children and young people. Providing  interactive opportunities – hands-on participation, direct collaboration, creative responses, or other interaction – to develop children and young people’s skills and creativity.

6. Enabling personal progression

Taking account of children and young people’s individual needs. Recognising their different starting points, experiences and achievements. Enabling them to achieve their potential and progress on to the next steps in their learning and achievement.

7. Developing belonging and ownership

Focusing on children and young people’s sense of ownership and sense of belonging. Encouraging choice, autonomy, decision-making and creative responses. Enabling people to make informed judgements about whether something ‘is, or isn’t, or could be, for me’.


For information about upcoming Quality Principles events please visit our events page.

Alternatively, you can download a pdf of all our upcoming cultural education events for this academic year.

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