What is the Difference Between Creativity and Innovation?

19th July 2018 - Drew Rowlands

Creativity and innovation are both words we use a lot at IVE but what is the difference between creativity and innovation? When it comes…

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5 Barriers to Innovation

13th July 2018 - Jo Garnham-Parks

You probably know that it’s imperative for your business to innovate in order to retain its competitive edge but have you ever tried to…

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How Can Leeds as a Creative City Region Prepare Business Leaders for the Challenges Ahead?

2nd July 2018 - Adam Halls

IVE recently convened our first Dinner Digestif evening, bringing together thought leaders from across the worlds of business, education & politics to discuss the…

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Is Creativity the Number One Skill For The 21st Century?

14th June 2018 - Rosi Lister

What skills do you and your team need to meet new challenges at work like automation and globalisation? We’d argue that it’s creativity that’s…

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