Creative Leadership for Business

Creative Leadership for Business is a training programme for current and aspiring business managers in how to enhance and develop the creativity of your staff and embed creative thinking into your business.

Creativity is the process that leads to change; leadership is the catalyst for that change


Creativity is an essential skill for business leaders. Creative thought processes underpin problem solving and innovation, leading to more effective and successful businesses. Creativity also improves adaptability and resilience, allowing your business to view challenges as opportunities for success.

On this course, you will learn how to develop a more creative mindset incorporating imagination, a drive to be inquisitive and the confidence to take controlled risks. You will learn to apply creativity in a range of different contexts and for different purposes. You will be supported to develop vision, strategy and structures that support creativity and consciously nurture and develop the creative capacities of the people you lead.

Who is it for?

Creative Leadership for Business is for current and aspiring middle and senior managers in any industry who want to develop their capacity to generate new ideas and execute them through the actions of others.

What will you learn?

Participants of the training programme will learn:

  • To understand what creativity is, the creative process and its components
  • How creativity as a tool can be applied to solve any issue in your business
  • Ways in which creativity can be nurtured individually, with colleagues and across an organisation
  • Evaluation tools to determine the impact of creative thinking on your business
  • How to develop models of getting fresh, breakthrough ideas when they are needed
  • An understanding how interaction with others affects both innovation and team work
  • How to create a climate that encourages people to be creative and perform at their best

Format and delivery

Creative leadership for Business is available in 2 formats.

Public Training – 3 Days – £400

Three full day sessions spread over 20 weeks.


Over a full day we introduce the general concepts of creativity, how to develop it individually, as part of a team and the strategies for developing it in others. This introduction will provide fun and experiential challenges to begin unpicking the creative process.


During a second full day we reflect on our experiences and what we have learned so far. We explore enhanced strategies for embedding creativity into your actual business and also introduce our “Learning to Enquire” research methodology – identifying a unique question for participants to undertake in their business.


In this third full day we will provide plenty of opportunity for participants to review what they have learnt in their own practice. They will gauge the impact of the programme and agree on a plan for development and next steps.

In between each session, participants will be able to put what they’ve learned into practice in order to immediately capitalise upon the benefits of the programme.

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In-House Training – £Variable

Training sessions can be delivered in-house where we come to your business to deliver training. In-house packages can be tailored to your requirements; we can deliver 1-day sessions, the full 3-day course or tailor the training to focus on specific areas you’d like to target. Prices depend on the training time and number of participants.

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