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In a world of constant change, uncertainty and information overload, it is vital we find creative solutions to drive future prosperity.

Teacher of Creativity

Introduction to the programme

We have been at the forefront of creative learning for the past 20 years and have carried out extensive research into the benefits of creative teaching and learning and the best ways to facilitate it.  Our research shows us that participation by young people in structured activities focused on creativity improves:

  • Academic attainment in secondary-aged students.
  • Pre-school and primary aged children’s early literacy skills.
  • Young people’s cognitive abilities.
  • Transferable skills between subjects.
  • Relates learning to real work.
  • Increased language development.

We are constantly developing and refining our expertise around imaginative approaches to pedagogy that advance learners’ creative capacities. 

We have now combined this expertise and experience into a versatile professional development programme that works in different ways.

Our approach uses fun, challenging activities to help teachers make new discoveries and open minds to ‘what if?’, ‘how can we…?’ and ‘let’s try this’.

Ultimately our clients learn to be comfortable with the creative process, astute in facilitating it to build the creative capacities of their pupils and confident in exploring new ideas which lead to innovation and success.

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Programme Components

  • What is Creativity? How am I Creative? – Debunking the myths and seeing how we are all Creative
  • Forensic Detective – Fun and reflective activities aimed at exploring the Creative Process
  • Creative Thinking, Divergent thinking – making space for new ideas
  • Teaching Creatively Versus Teaching for Creativity – The comparisons and differences involved in ensuring pupil creativity and progress
  • Collaborative Creativity – how creativity can enhance the effectiveness of a team

Learning outcomes for participants

From taking part in this programme you will:

  • Understand the creative process and its components.
  • Identify how to enhance your creative potential.
  • Explore the role of Creativity in your day to day practice.
  • Grow in confidence.
  • Be prepared to take calculated risks.
  • Use failure as part of the learning process.
  • Embrace innovation.
  • Be equipped to work effectively as part of team.

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