Unconscious Bias Training

IVE’s Unconscious Bias Training course will help your team understand the impact of unconscious bias on their working lives, work towards eliminating discriminatory behaviours and help make your company a more diverse, inclusive and productive place to work.

Our approach combines the science and theory behind unconscious bias training with practical tools, strategies and frameworks that can be applied immediately by team members in their day-to-day work.

What is Unconscious Bias?

Unconscious Bias (sometimes known as Implicit Bias) refers to the associations between various qualities and social categories (such as race, gender, disability or class) that we generally are not aware of. These need not necessarily be negative associations. For example, the statement  “women are more caring” is generally regarded as positive but it still makes assumptions about individuals and how they will behave based on the qualities of the group, e.g. it is a stereotype and thus contributes to prejudice.

Unconscious Bias, in particular, refers to those assumptions which we might not be consciously aware of but which nonetheless affect how we interact with other people such as our colleagues or customers.

Why is it important to address Unconscious Bias?

Failure to address unconscious bias in the workplace can have negative consequences including:

  • Individuals feeling excluded and being less productive and engaged as a result
  • Individuals not being wholly appreciated and recognised or having their potential realised
  • Exclusion of potential new audiences and customers
  • Instances of workplace bullying, unlawful harassment or discrimination
  • Potential legal ramifications of this harassment and the costs associated
  • Reputational damage

Being able to overcome the issue of unconscious bias not only addresses these problems, it has numerous additional benefits:

  • Promoting a culture of respect for difference encourages diverse ideas to be expressed, and these diverse ideas lead to greater creativity and innovation
  • With that diversity comes an ability to better reflect and respond to client and customer needs
  • A greater sense of every team member being valued which leads to more engaged employees and, generally, a happier and more productive work environment
  • Improvements to the perception of the business as being fair, having integrity and promoting positive values
  • A greater understanding and appreciation for existing and potential key stake-holders

All of which directly contributes to the bottom line.

Duration, Format and Delivery

In addition to bespoke in-house training we also offer regular public training sessions.

This 3 hour Unconscious Bias Workshop enables participants to:  gain an understanding of how the brain makes quick judgements and assessments of people and situations; learn how biases are influenced by background, cultural environment and personal experiences; and reflect on how they might impact on work and organisations.

Participants are encouraged to consider how they can be more mindful moving forward.

Prices depend on the training time and number of participants.

Please get in touch using the form below to discuss a bespoke quote to fit your needs.’

Praise for Unconscious Bias Training

“I’m taking away a real sense of my ability to create change, and feeling empowered to do that. I feel I’ve got everything – a massive toolkit to be able to go in and make some changes, and in a really positive way, as well – this isn’t a compliance issue, this all makes absolute sense: makes me ask why haven’t we been doing this all along? I don’t feel daunted about going back and tackling this. I’m looking forward to educating people who see this as just a box ticking exercise. I expected to go away feeling daunted: now it feels like I’m going to be sharing a passion.”

“….there’s a strong feeling that we’re not alone doing this; everybody is going through it at the same time. Also that this isn’t a fast, overnight thing: it’s about taking the small steps, it’s going to take a while, and that’s ok. Acknowledging that if we all shout about it enough, and spread it through the company, those small steps will eventually bring change. After the first session I felt daunted, as if it was all down to me. Now I don’t: I get that it is shared responsibility, and that I’m just part of it.”

“I wouldn’t have been able to do that whole organisation discussion about the Creative Case and Diversity on Tuesday if I hadn’t been through this process. I would have been apologetic that I was talking about the Creative Case, not felt empowered to talk about it.”

Report on the impact of Unconscious Bias training.

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