A Different Type of Presenting

The most effective presentations are those that take an audience on a journey of discovery, affirmation or challenge.


In many ways the most effective presenters are those that can tell a story effectively and grab their audiences’ attention and keep it from beginning to end. On stage, an actor does this continuously; they use their entire body in order to make an audience see what they want them to see, hear what they want them to hear, think what they want them to think and feel what they want them to feel. They are basically the ultimate communicators! They also possess the power to make an audience suspend their disbelief, and draw them into the life of the play to the point whereby they feel they are observing real life. To manipulate an audiences’ emotions to a point by which they cry with sadness, laugh with glee or glare in hatred is all part of an actor’s repertoire.

Whilst a presenters aims may not be quite so extreme, it is possible to utilise the same techniques and strategies in order to communicate information confidently, embed learning outcomes and elicit desired reactions effectively.


Who is it for?

This course is suitable for anybody who has to regularly stand up and communicate with groups of people – from leaders in the board room to teachers in the classroom.

What will you learn?

This one day course explores the art of telling an effective story through the use of a range of simple acting techniques that might be applied to a variety of contexts.

Format and delivery

Our approach uses fun, experiential and challenging activities focused on building participants skills, confidence and awareness in how to successfully apply forms of communication to best effect, including;

  • Use of voice
  • Gesture
  • Facial Expressions
  • Positions of power/use of space
  • The power of pause
  • Body language

Ultimately as a result of this training participants will feel comfortable in employing acting techniques in order to effectively communicate to any given audience. They will also be confident to explore new ideas for delivery, which lead to innovation and success.

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“IVE have been instrumental in helping our leaders inspire our business during a time of change. They used creative techniques as a way of breaking down inhibitions and enabling our people to better articulate the vision for the future. We’ve been blown away by the difference IVE are able to make.”

– Altrad

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