Getting to Grips with the Arts Council’s Quality Principles: Evaluation and Case Study

Our Quality Principles support programme gives arts & cultural organisations the opportunity to explore how they can use the Arts Council’s Quality Principles. In this case study, IVE associate Sophie Hunter has looked into how exactly participants translated the sessions into practice.

Sophie looked at which of the 7 Quality Principles each arts & cultural organisation was most interested in interrogating, why they had chosen that particular principle, what thoughts they had during the sessions, what actions they then took back to their daily work and how consideration of the Quality Principles then had an impact on what they do.

The results are extremely wide-ranging but consistently reinforce that keeping the Quality Principles in mind has a considerable impact on designing, commissioning and delivering work with children and young people.

This is a particularly interesting read for anyone working in an arts & cultural capacity that is interested in working with children and young people. It gives a good sense of the issues others in a similar situation have faced and the lessons they’ve learned as well as provides some good ideas to bring into your own work.


You can read the full report here.

For more information on Quality Principles Support Sessions you can read a longitudinal report on the impact on attendees here. You can also book yourself onto the next session through our events page.

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