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  • Talent Development Programme

Delivering Arts Award Across A Region With East Riding Youth Dance

7th June 2018 - Adam Halls

East Riding Youth Dance delivers a 12 week community dance programme across the East Riding. Since 2016, they have incorporated Arts Award into that…

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Gomersal Primary – The Transformative Value of a Pupil Led Arts Council

3rd May 2018 - Adam Halls

Stemming from an idea at their Artsmark Development Day, Gomersal Primary established a pupil led Arts Council which, together with a commitment from the…

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Entries to Arts Subjects at Key Stage 4 a Report by Education Policy Institute

27th April 2018 - Adam Halls

Entries to Arts Subjects at Key Stage 4 a Report by Education Policy Institute seeks to provide clarity to debate surrounding the impact of…

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Music Improves Behaviour and English Results with Feversham Primary

13th April 2018 - Adam Halls

Following much media attention, the story of Feversham Primary is now familiar to many. More music time improved behaviour and attainment across the school….

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