IVE launches new workshop: How to Build a Creative Business

13th February 2019 - Sharon Le Goff

IVE launches new workshop: How to Build a Creative Business, at one of our key venues in Leeds.

IVE is building a creative nation, we are a not-for-profit creative business that places creativity at the centre of learning, our core mission is to teach creativity for professional development in the workplace.

Creativity in the workplace is vital, If you can apply creative thinking to your everyday work life, you’ll find that not only will the day stop feeling like 24/7, but you’ll be unlocking more meaningful and potential results.  According to the World Economic Forum, creativity, critical thinking, and complex problem solving are the skills needed in the workforce in 2020.

Embrace creativity in the workplace, stand out from the crowd…Creative companies thrive.

We invited a group of professionals, a creative hub, a mixture of business founders, lawyers, self-employed entrepreneurs , HR directors, artists, business directors, CEOs, members from the education board, marketing managers and creative media members, a real mixture of people from all different sectors.

During this 2 hour session, Drew Rowlands, (Deputy Chief Executive at We are IVE) delivered a session, exploring what creativity means and how it can be applied in common scenarios; the group learnt the behaviours that contribute to creativity, as well as those that inhibit it; they also examined some of the elements, structures and systems that might allow creativity to happen in the busy span of a working day.

The workshop used playful activities designed to move people out of their comfort zone and establish an equilibrium in which ideas were generated free from constraint all content is kept relevant to the practical, real-world demands of modern day business.

“The challenge for many employers is embracing the change that comes with creative thinking. Being open to change is the way forward, testing out ideas and then adjusting realities in our current climate can include threats as well as opportunities, at IVE we are here to help you with that. Thank you to everyone that attended the taster session, we look forward to seeing more of you in the very near future.”

Drew Rowlands – Deputy CEO at We are IVE.

The Benefits of the IVE Creativity Programme:

• Build the individual and group capacity to translate problems into opportunities
• Ensure structural flexibility in addressing local and global disruptors
• Stimulate an ethos in which the unknown is embraced
• Develop mechanisms to garner fresh ideas when they are needed
• Put a plan into place to encourage workplace creativity
• Create time and space in which staff are allowed to fail as part of a learning process
• Nurture self-leadership as part of a process
• Contribute to improving efficiency of business systems
• Develop routine based mechanisms to solve problems


“In a time of constant challenge and change, organisations like ours are searching for ways to innovate. The learning our people have taken from IVE is that by re-connecting with your creative side and exploiting the freedom to explore, delivers new and exciting solutions that we would not have previously considered. What we have witnessed is that this experience is not a programme, it is a step change in the way our teams approach problem solving.” 

Simon Hicks, Managing Director Altrad Services UK


For more information on our creative courses that we offer and other IVE workshops please contact:  SharonL@weareive.org

IVE is a charity with a trading subsidiary. Any profits we make go back into supporting our future generation to ensure a more creative and inspiring future for many young people.  Join our creative community,  be a part of that movement…

Books we recommend to start your creative journey:

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