Partnership Investment

Each year we invest in a small number of strategic partnerships designed to improve access to high quality arts and cultural experiences for children and young people.

Partnership Investment (PI) 2018-2022

From 2018-2022 IVE will invest £1,024,720 to improve long-term, sustainable investment in cultural education through Local Cultural Education Partnerships (LCEPs) in Yorkshire & the Humber.

PI is not project funding to for arts activities. We want to support the development of innovative, sustainable ideas and relationships that embed cultural education long term. We want to help you create new working partnerships, more effective practice, and intelligent approaches to support all children and young people, particularly the disadvantaged, to access arts, culture and creativity.

Partnership Investment funding requires 100% cash match funding from ‘new’ sources of money. LCEPs will need to identify potential match funding from new sources of money not traditionally spent on arts and culture for children and young people.

Partnership investment supports LCEP to fulfil some of its strategic challenges that it has identified through local discussions, research and consultations. Some examples of strategic challenges might include:

· research and map current opportunities and pathways for progression and creative industries employment opportunities

· research and develop work experience opportunities and information and guidance for young people about progression routes including job opportunities in the creative (including digital) industry sectors locally and beyond

· accessible communication and advocacy channels

· continuously monitor, evaluate and review impact of activity and report to relevant authorities.

Partnership investment is a significant part of our Bridge contract with Arts Council England.

“The Arts Council expects that Partnership Investment will support the strategic development of Local Cultural Education Partnerships as a priority focus wherever possible. This may include resources to support capacity, planning or evaluation of LCEP progress. Investment outside of this scope will only be agreed in exceptional circumstances. Our ambition is that LCEP areas will continue to grow and thrive over the next four years and we consider Partnership Investment to be central to this success.

Partnership Investment must not be used to facilitate programme delivery. It is not an alternative to project grants and the Arts Council will not support the approval of applications where this is the case.

Our ambition is that Partnership Investment will support local areas to create new financial sustainability for cultural education. Therefore at least 100% match funding must be sourced from alternative non-arts income. This cannot include Lottery funding or support in kind.

Bridge Organisations will support LCEP partners to develop their cultural education offer locally and will be able to advise on how Partnership Investment can support their strategic development and future sustainability.”

Arts Council England July 2018

Specific requirements

PI proposals must:

· Demonstrate how this strategic investment will support capacity building, planning, sustainability, impact measurement and/or evaluation of LCEP progress towards an increase in cultural opportunities for children and young people.

· Include Artsmark and Arts Award targets and use of the quality principles.

· Evidence how this LCEP priority has been arrived at and what the aims and objectives for the PI are.

· Include an action plan evidencing how resources, outcomes and impacts have been determined.

· Show how identified local challenges are aligned with local authority/LEP agendas.

· Include evidence of a promise of 100% cash match for a minimum of £25k partnership investment from the Bridge.

· Be for investments lasting more than 1 year in duration.

Verity Clarke, Head of Bridge, oversees our partnership investment process at IVE. All applications are presented to Arts Council England and IVE’s board of trustees for final approval. Following approval, Head of Bridge and Cultural Education Managers will administer and monitor investments.

The process

The first thing to do if you, as an LCEP, is considering partnership investment is get in touch with us. We can help you understand and move through the process, and we can support you to develop your plans. LCEPs can talk to their Cultural Education Manager and Verity Clarke, our Head of Bridge. We’ll want to talk about your idea: what’s the change you’re hoping to make, and how do you plan to go about it? How will it make your LCEP stronger? We’ll also want to know about your potential sources of match funding. We can talk all of this through with you and make suggestions on how to make your PI application stronger.

The first formal step in applying for partnership investment is to complete our expression of interest and send it to Verity Clarke, Head of Bridge This can be in draft form. This is an opportunity to let us know you’re planning an application, and for you to get feedback on your initial ideas.

If you decide to continue developing an application, our bridge team will offer continued support and stay in touch throughout this process. We want to help to make sure your application has the best chance of success. Before submitting the final application to Verity Clarke, you’ll need to ensure

that the application has been signed off by the LCEPs steering group/board and match funding is confirmed and evidence from match funding sources is provided. There may be a series of drafts before the final application is sent to Arts Council with IVE’s recommendations and feedback. Further feedback or questions will be sent to you.

Once feedback and questions have been satisfactorily answered your application is presented to IVE’s board of trustees for ratification.

If your application is successful, we will work with you to agree milestones and reporting linked to a payment schedule. We’ll ask for written confirmation that your match funding is committed, then sign our agreement with you and make our first payment. We’ll stay in touch throughout your initiative, making sure things are on track, advising on any challenges that occur, and finding opportunities to profile your work through our programme.

Our board of trustees meets quarterly. To ensure applications are ready to present to our board, we recommend this process begins at least two months before your planned submission date. We need to complete the above process by the following dates,

Thursday 27 February 2020

Monday 1 June 2020

Wednesday 26 August 2020

Thursday 19 November 2020

Wednesday 24 February 2021 Please see IVE’s Expression of Interest in Partnership Investment form. Please see IVE’s Partnership Investment Plan.

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