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Flying Fish Studio

Flying Fish studio offers high quality art workshops in a wide range of media, with a focus on children’s wellbeing and their enjoyment of the creative process.  In light of the recent challenges that children are facing, Flying Fish studio is offering free online art workshops for children at home. The materials and equipment are available to purchase from the studio. Hannah is also in the process of working with a Deep Talk trainer and an art therapist to develop a resource for emotional wellbeing using stories, and an exploration of these stories using visual art. At Flying Fish studio, Hannah’s workshops encompass the seven Quality Principles of Artsmark. Her teaching style is naturally one of inclusivity, and children are encouraged to experiment and “give it a go”. Hannah is trained in Montessori education and runs the workshops with a child-centred approach to learning. Hannah provides a warm, caring and encouraging environment, with a focus on children’s emotional wellbeing and personal progression.

Free Online Art Tutorials: Flying Fish studio offers free online video art tutorials for children to access from home. The focus of the workshops is a “give it a go” attitude to learning where children are encouraged to try things out and feel it’s okay to make “mistakes”, boosting children’s self-esteem, resilience and providing a sense of accomplishment. These are available on the studio’s YouTube channel:

Craft boxes: Craft boxes containing all of the required materials for the art tutorials are available to buy from the studio. Over 600 of these craft boxes have already been distributed to children around Sheffield over the past few months, in collaboration with charities.

“The boxes came so well prepared and presented that each child thought of it as a gift, the bow was a great touch. You could tell a lot of thought and effort went in to the design of each pack and it exceeded our expectations.” Craig Judson, MCDT Healthy Holidays (September 2020)

The craft boxes can be a useful creative resource for children to access during school closure or for children who need to isolate. They’re a fantastic way of keeping children engaged with learning and experimenting with their creative ideas at home, whilst building their self-esteem. Flying Fish studio is offering a huge discount to schools of up to 50% off for orders of 100+. If you are based in Sheffield, these can be delivered to your school at no additional cost. Here is a link to more information on these boxes:

Afterschool arts workshops for children ages 6 to 14. If you are interested in Hannah coming into your school to run weekly afterschool workshops, following Covid-secure protocol, please get in touch. “I can safely say they were by far and away the best art class experience she’s had… helps them develop real skills whilst following their style of learning and interests.” – Jane (parent)

Deep Talk stories with creative activities: Hannah is currently working with a Deep Talk* trainer and an art therapist to develop a resource for emotional wellbeing using stories, and an exploration of these stories using visual art. This resource will be ready in the New Year (2021) – including five recordings of Deep Talk stories with suggestions for creative ideas and accompanying materials e.g. sandbag, wooden people, artifacts etc to support the stories. Click here to access a Deep Talk recording:

* Deep Talk recognises that people make meaning through the stories of our lives and the stories we tell each other. Stories can also help to bring change and transformation in the lives of individuals and communities. In Deep Talk the stories are told in the sand – in an open, wondering and playful way from different faiths, cultures and world views. Simple but beautiful objects are used to help people enter into the story, and people are invited to wonder and play in order to help connect the story with their own lives. You can find out more about Deep Talk here:

Get in touch: If there is something that you are looking for, not listed above, do get in touch – Hannah would love to work with you to develop new ideas to help provide the best possible arts education for your children.  We are of course working within Covid-19 guidelines and so the majority of our work has moved to online platforms.

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Visual Arts, Storytelling
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KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, SEND, FE, KS5
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