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Leeds Art Gallery

Leeds Art Gallery is home to one of the best collections of British art outside London. Free and in the heart of the city, its building has changed over time to showcase its collection comprising of a wide range of modern and contemporary art. It offers a changing programme of exhibitions and displays along with an extensive programme of exciting and innovative activities for formal and informal groups as well as individuals and families

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The Education Office at Leeds Art Gallery celebrates creativity, curiosity and conversation exploring links between Art and everyday life. Seeking to enable all to use and enjoy the Gallery’s building, exhibitions and collections, it organises a range of activities inside and outside of the Gallery offering support for self-led visits and a workshop programme organised into four learning strands Explore, Make, Challenge and Dwell. Special artist-led exhibition projects introduce especially exciting ways of thinking about and making art. Group Leaders are especially welcomed to ask for support in extending learning, meeting curriculum goals, maximising on cross-curricular opportunities, and inviting sensory engagement within galleries.

Most activities free and publicised through our mailing list or Education Leeds and City Council contacts.

Visual Arts
Appropriate Age Range
Appropriate Key Stage Range
Early Years, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, SEND, FE
Working Across
Community Settings, Mainstream Schools, Nurseries, Pupil Referral Unit, Special Schools, Youth Offending Team
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