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Pilot Theatre

Pilot Theatre are an international touring theatre company based in York. We’re committed to creating high quality mid-scale theatre for younger audiences, and will be many people’s very first encounter with this form. We also make work outside of traditional theatre buildings, where our projects pursue a relationship with our audience that is often playful, interactive and participatory. We are always curious about our ongoing and changing relationship with technology, and often explore this theme. Across all our projects we seek to create a cultural space where young adults can encounter, express and interrogate big ideas, powerfully relevant to our lives right now.

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Pilot’s offer is to secondary schools and youth groups and includes a wide participation programme attached to our productions. The offer includes the opportunity to see a production at a range of theatre venues across the UK, one off workshops, a free education pack accessible online and/or engagement with longer-term theatre making projects. In whichever way schools and youth groups wish to engage with our productions and participation programme, we are aiming to build long-term and sustainable relationships that have longevity beyond the delivery of the project and production.

Other opportunities include post show discussions or opportunities to interview a cast member or a member of the creative team – either in person at one of the venues or remotely through the Pilot Office.

Appropriate Age Range
Appropriate Key Stage Range
KS3, KS4
Working Across
Doncaster, Leeds, North Yorkshire, Sheffield, York
Community Settings, Mainstream Schools
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