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PraisePen is the site of Pat Moore, a teacher for three decades encouraging Creative Ministry, Arts for Wellbeing, SMSC education and Arts Awards. Pat has taught Drama, Music and English at KS3 and English, Literature and Drama at GCSE.
I am a self-employed teacher and published writer, currently working in Home Tuition and also delivering Creative Writing and Drama workshops aimed at Arts and Wellbeing as a WEA Tutor after thirty years of teaching Drama, Music and English at KS3 and English, Literature, Drama at GCSE in KS4. I studied BA(Hons)Theatre Arts and PGCE at Bretton Hall College. I am an assesor for Arts Awards Explore, Discover, Bronze, Silver and Gold and am also an Arts Award centre.
I have worked in state schools, worked one-to-one with pupils unable to access their education, delivered Theatre in Education and creative play-schemes and worked in a Christian School, incorporating Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural content into schemes of work. I have written and directed sketches and musical productions for Church and have had music and drama input into many school concerts working with Juniors and Seniors.

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For Artsmark schools I am offering a free KS3 digital resource linked to the curriculum so that this work can be accessible to small schools in isolated areas. I am offering resources for pre-Macbeth work so that for many schools it relates to their future scheme of work. This allows for opportunity to consider some themes of the play in an easily accessible way, to encourage readers who might find Shakespearian language a struggle. It is also useful for schools that are not doing Macbeth at GCSE because this work explores Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural issues and the effect of conscience. More SMSC resources will be added over time.

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