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Purple Patch Arts

Purple Patch Arts exists to improve the lives and life chances of people with learning disabilities by providing innovative, inclusive, creative learning experiences for them and the professionals that support them.

We currently run 12 Lifelong Learning Programmes a week in community venues across Yorkshire, and all of our learning is delivered using ‘The Purple Patch Approach’ to inclusive education, which employs creative methods such as drama, dance, music and art to engage learners, increase take-up of information and support understanding of complex subjects. Alongside these programmes we run grant-funded projects, working with care homes, day services, libraries and other third sector organisations, using the Purple Patch Approach to support them in developing their practice to better support people with learning disabilities.

We also offer workshops to Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools to improve wellbeing outcomes for pupils, and work with academic researchers, offering creative, arts-based approaches to data gathering including workshops, innovative research methods and the development of accessible interactive tools.

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Immersive, innovative and inspiring approaches to the curriculum.

What might a blood cell FEEL like? What might the solar system SOUND like? What might a Shakespeare sonnet TASTE like? What might Henry VIII SMELL like? What might thunder LOOK like?

In Purple Patch Arts sessions we make these discoveries together!

For Pupils: Our workshops take pupils on a journey into the curriculum where their curiosity is ignited. When taking part in our sessions, pupils have demonstrated sustained focus and attention, increased social interaction and improved memory, association and recall.

For Teachers: Our workshops provide a journey of discovery for teachers as well as pupils. Working alongside our specialist staff, teachers will see how the arts can be used to inspire and engage pupils.

For schools: Our workshops meets whole school outcomes and contribute to school improvement plans on multiple levels. We are one of a few organisations working with Arts Council England to develop ‘Artsmark’, a quality standard for schools who embed creativity across their curriculum.

We’re looking for schools who would like to join us on this journey towards a new approach to learning.

Could this be your school?

To find out more about working with us please get in touch!

Combined arts
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Working Across
Barnsley, Bradford, Calderdale, Doncaster, East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull, Kirklees, Leeds, North East Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire, Rotherham, Sheffield, York
Community Settings, Mainstream Schools, Nurseries, Pupil Referral Unit, Special Schools
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