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The Harley Gallery and Portland Collection Museum

The Harley Foundation is a charitable trust whose mission is to create spaces where the imagination can flourish.  It was set up by Ivy, Duchess of Portland in 1978 and is still based on the historic ducal estate of Welbeck, home to the Dukes of Portland and their families since 1607.  In all our work we celebrate the handmade and encourage the enjoyment of the visual arts.

We believe that art makes life better. Art can give so much enjoyment, both in making and looking, and it also helps us to understand ourselves and others better.

We offer a variety of opportunities for schools which include free workshops to primary schools, outreach projects and our new Art Framework ‘Lift Off’ this is a resource for teachers to be used as a tool kit and support when delivering creative activities in school from 3- 11years. This framework can also be used for professional development, to collaborate with an arts organisation, to enrich school improvement plans and provide more creativity for the curriculum.

This may also be of interest to parents, carers and grandparents who are home schooling their children or looking for an activity to do over the weekend or school holidays.

Through delivering events, workshops and projects we aim to offer experiences that will capture the imagination, with opportunities to get hands-on and learn practical making skills, as well as events that share the theory and history of art. Making art and understanding art go hand in hand.

To find out more about the Lift Off Art Framework and our Education Programme please visit the learning section on our website:


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