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The Quilters’ Guild

The Quilters’ Guild is a national education charity preserving the heritage of patchwork, quilting and applique and working to ensure a vibrant future for the craft. The Guild has its very own Accredited Museum Collection based in York.  This is the largest known collection of British quilts with over 800 pieces, both historic and contemporary.

The Young Quilters Project engages with young people aged 5 to 18 years old. Young Quilters is all about giving young people the opportunity to learn sewing skills and to be creative with textiles.

Quilting, sewing and exploring textiles provides a versatile subject range, allowing a cross curricular approach to your Artsmark journey and in meeting the Quality principles. Some examples could include;

Social history and culture in Britain during 1700/1800/1900s

Geometry and mathematics involved in creating a quilt

Science and sustainability of fabrics

Design and visual arts

Wellbeing – therapeutic elements of sewing and an outlet for expression

We can offer a short or longer-term project, part of the school day or extra-curricular. Projects can be tailor made to your schools needs with a variety of resources for example teaching packs/workshops. We can offer specialist skills, expertise and an opportunity for teachers to be actively involved.


Examples of projects which may inspire your thinking: 

Lock-down project – after a disconnected and isolating time, regain a sense of belonging and key values in your school by building a group coverlet/hanging. Each student can capture this moment in history by reflecting and recording it through a quilt block, which are then sewn together. This can be extended to involve parents and the wider community. An example includes our ‘Staying at home’ block

Reuse, reduce, recycle, rethink – explore environmentally friendly textiles through The Quilters’ Guild Collection, textiles artists and natural dyeing of fabrics

War time sewing – explore the rationing of fabric and ‘make do and mend’ attitude toward clothing, as well as patchwork quilts donated from American and Canadian charities during WWII, for our armed forces and hospitals. Create end of war celebratory bunting or a soldiers ‘huswife’ sewing case.

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