Consultancy & Training

Case Study: Creative Feasibility Consultancy for Thomas Lister

30th October 2018 - Adam Halls

One of our consultancy services at IVE is what we call ‘creative feasibility,’ finding new solutions to the problems that property developers face. In…

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Journey: A Handbook To Support The Exploration Of Creativity

- Adam Halls

Journey is a combination of resources and activities to help teachers explore the notion of creativity and how to embed it within the curriculum…

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How Can We Fix The UK’s Productivity Issue?

10th July 2018 - Adam Halls

The UK is in the midst of an unprecedented peacetime slowdown in productivity growth. In this White Paper “How Can We Fix The UK’s Productivity…

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The Voice in the Middle

9th November 2018 - Adam Halls

The Voice in the Middle report is a set of practical resources to help young people positively contribute within their school and wider community through…

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