Sharon Le Goff

14th January 2019 - Jenny Moscrop

Passionate about art, design, photography, music, poetry and history.

Sharon has travelled the world and lived in Greece, Holland and France before making the UK her home. A multicultural mother with a bilingual family.
These great qualities go hand in hand with her choice of career: blending fashion, events, publishing, corporate business, charity work and the arts.
A bona fide visual person with a sharp and playful aesthetic. Sharon’s worked hard to make a life not just a living. In turn her personal projects focus on helping young people improve their lives and access to creativity through inclusivity, education and art. Embracing a positive attitude, Sharon has a natural sense to discover how we can grow at IVE and aims to redefine our success! Her curiosity to create new directions is all part of her elaborate strategy.

Her values include togetherness and gratitude. An entrepreneurial thinker who creates, leads and takes risks.

“We are born to shine. Art, freedom and creativity is in all of us”…

Sharon loves to converse and open up interesting dialogues. Start one here

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