Susan Cairns

6th July 2018 - Jenny Moscrop

Susan develops relationships and broker partnerships across North Yorkshire and the Humber. As an expert in Arts Award she is leading on this for the whole region.

Susan has experience in; arts, cultural, education, heritage, design, youth & community, international development and volunteering. Her expertise includes programme development & management, strategic work, resource design & development, planning creative projects, alternative learning programmes, working with communities, partnership working and volunteering/supporting volunteers.

Susan has been an Arts Award Coordinator in Leeds; an Arts Coordinator Officer in Madrid; a Youth and Community Worker in Hull; a Community Development Volunteer in Ghana and an Artist in Residence in Swansea. She has also worked in education as a Cultural Education Manager in North and East Yorkshire; an Education Enabler in Hull; an Education Officer in York; an ESL Teacher in Thailand; and a Childcare Classroom Assistant in Edinburgh.

Susan loves wild swimming (mainly in the chilly north sea!), running, hill walking, illustration ( she was shortlisted for the Kelpies Design and Illustration Prize in 2016), silversmithing, travel, nature, live music, how to be a more conscious consumer, disco, good food, and spending time with loved ones.


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