Creativity Changes Lives

One of our key principles at IVE is that creativity changes lives. Whether that’s emotionally, socially, practically or even economically. So we’ve gathered together these stories of how creativity makes life better.

In Shaun’s story, we look at a boy whose disruptive family life was affecting him at school and how music gave him opportunities that nothing else did.

In Laura’s story, we see how creative opportunities build confidence and social skills.

In Garron’s story we see how opportunities to be creative improve self-confidence, social skills and mental health outcomes.

In Louise’s story, she talks about some of the children she has worked with over the years and how access to creative opportunities gave them newfound confidence and a path into a rewarding career.

In these stories, we see how the opportunity to exercise creativity has:

Because of stories like these, and thousands of others, we passionately believe that it is crucial for every young person to get the chance to be creative and exercise their creative abilities.

And far too often young people in this country are denied that chance.

Many young people lack the support at home to pursue their creative ambitions. That might be down to cultural issues, lack of time for young people who are expected to work or act as carers, or even something as simple as not having the money for a bus ticket to get to a free creative activity.

School, is generally the place where most young people get the chance to first learn about their creativity and to have the opportunity to develop it, but increasingly creativity is being squeezed out of schools.

And when that happens, it leaves young people with no support to realise their creativity.

We think that’s terrible, and we want to change it.

And with your help, we can.

A donation to IVE could help us pay to support a young person to discover, develop and realise their creative potential.

The money raised could be used for everything from the price of a bus ticket, to music lessons, to a mentor that takes a talented young person on a personalised development programme.

If you’re a business, your sponsorship could help pay for our Shaping Creative Futures programme or help us put on an event like our Young Artists Charity Auction.

If you’re a creative talent, your time could help us teach a group of young people how to sing and dance, help someone realise their ambition to be a filmmaker or you could be that mentor that helps someone take the step from a passion into a career.

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