Thank You for 7 Years IVE – a message from our CEO Rosi Lister

20th December 2022 - Sharon Rugg

I have been in the driving seat at IVE since 2016 and with the support of an amazing team of super-committed and talented colleagues we have achieved some pretty amazing things for, and on behalf of young people, but given the recent changes to our future funding we have needed to review and down-size our organisational structure. For me to contribute to that down-sizing feels like an opportunity. As some of you may know (particularly those who follow me on Instagram) I have been planning my next ‘chapter’ for quite some time. In fact a two and a half year property search across the British Isles (and beyond) to find the perfect historic-house renovation project worthy of keeping me entertained for the next few years, has been my weekend job. As a designer ‘by trade’ I am itching to get back to the drawing board and my lifelong pre-occupation with property restoration. So it is an apposite moment for me to make my move and hand the reigns to someone else. IVE too is about to have a renaissance and I know that with the help of our dynamic and passionate board of trustees, who understand the vital role of creativity across all corners of life, the future is incredibly exciting. My last day as CEO will be 31st March 2023 and I look forward to seeing as many of you as I can in the coming days and months. In the meantime, have a fantastic Christmas.   

Rosi Lister

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