Tileyard Announces Free Networking Event for Yorkshire Creatives

4th August 2017 - Adam Halls

Tileyard have announced a free networking event for arts professionals, in support of the regeneration of Rutland Mills, Wakefield into a new centre of creative excellence.

Future Creativity will be a day of talks, panels and networking for all creatives working across music, radio, film, tv, games, digital, design, fashion, art, sculpture, and more. The theme of all talks will be the regeneration of Rutland Mills, transforming it into a new workspace for creative professionals that incorporates music studios, offices, event spaces, and other resources that will turn it into a focal community for creatives working in Yorkshire.

Those interested can register for free tickets on the Tileyard Education Facebook page.

Tileyard announce free networking event for yorkshire creatives to support future creativity at rutland mills

The Rutland Mills regeneration project is led by Tileyard Studios, who presently run a thriving creative ecosystem in the King’s Cross area of Central London. Their complex is a mix of flexible studio and office facilities that provide a home to a wide spectrum of creative companies ranging from business startups and emerging artists to medium sized businesses, and established A-list talent.

With 150 businesses based out of Tileyard Studios and more than 850 creative people on site every day, it has become a real a community of like-minded creative people. That community mindset brings incredible intangible benefits ranging from easy access to collaborative opportunities to the infectious positive energy which boosts creativity and productivity just by being there.

Tileyard Studios Wall

By establishing what is effectively a Tileyard North, Tileyard are aiming to replicate that community feeling and establish Wakefield as a major creative centre in the North.

As part of their plans, Tileyard want to establish connections on a local level to ensure that the new building meets the needs of the Wakefield, and wider Yorkshire, arts communities. Future Creativity will provide opportunities to discuss their plans and have input on what are the most needed resources to bolster the creative industries in the area.

Future Creativity will take place at Hepworth Wakefield on Wednesday, September 20th.

We are IVE’s Rosi Lister, Drew Roland and Chris Strong will be present to talk about how We are IVE are providing opportunities for young people interested in pursuing creative careers. We will be discussing how the Rutland Mill regeneration could be influential in the development of young talent and will be looking to build connections with Tileyard and local artists to provide mentoring and training opportunities for talented young people in disadvantaged circumstances.

Other confirmed guests and speakers include: Tileyard Music, City and Provincial Property plc, Dave Beer, Whiskas, Roger Marsh, Leeds University, Bradford School of Art, Wakefield College, Backstage Academy, MusicGurus, The Ticketfairy, Rotor Video, Keith Evans, and many more to be announced.

The current schedule is

10:00 Doors

10:30 Opening Keynote

11:00  Music:

11:30  Film/TV:

12:00 Education:

Lunch / Networking

2:00  Afternoon Keynote

2:30  Digital Entrepreneurs:

3:00 IVE and the 4 year creative youth strategy

3:30  Games:

4:00  Art and Sculpture:

4:30  Financing Creativity:

Drinks / Network

6:30   Close

To get your tickets, go to Tileyard Education’s Facebook page.

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