Arts Award Associate (x2)

Closing Date: January 6, 2020

IVE is seeking two arts/education professionals to work with in order to develop the reach of Arts Award in the region.

The focus of the role will be to work primarily with school settings to build their understanding of Arts Award and essentially to get them delivering it. Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it is creative, valuable and accessible. Arts Award can be achieved at five levels, four qualifications and an introductory award. IVE is keen to see the Arts Award figures for Yorkshire and the Humber increase over the next few years. This role will be focused on increasing Arts Award figures at Discover, Explore and Bronze levels, and working with centres to help embed creative learning practices using Arts Award. At IVE we work to ensure that children and young people across the region have access to great arts and cultural opportunities. We know that children and young people doing Arts Award develop their arts, leadership and communication skills (to name just a few) and we are keen to see that grow so that more young people can benefit from doing Arts Award.

Location – the two roles will focus on different areas across Yorkshire and the Humber.

Role 1: Hull & surrounding area

Role 2: Sheffield & surrounding area

Responsibilities and key outcomes

· Increase new centres to register and deliver Arts Award Discover, Explore and Bronze for the first time

· Promote training opportunities in order to increase number of Arts Award advisers in Y+H (and enable new centres to be registered)

· Use data (IVE to support) to approach schools who have delivered in the past, in order to encourage them to repeat delivery/ find out why they stopped and help them create solutions to reinstate Arts Award

· Work with settings to help them plan how they will use Arts Award

· Identify where there is potential for Arts Award delivery (within an agreed area boundary)

· Relay any strategic work to staff at IVE (where there may be a link to further work and where settings are interested in the work of Local Cultural Education Partnerships)

Person Specification

We are looking for a self-motivated person, who understands the importance of cultural education in the life of young people and can articulate this clearly.

The role will require the following skills and experience:

Experience working in the arts/culture/education sector

Experience of delivering Arts Award

Trained Arts Award Adviser

Excellent communication skills both written and verbal

Diplomacy and negotiating skills

Experience of working in partnership

A strong understanding of schools and the education landscape

Understanding of the new Ofsted framework


The fee for each Arts Award Associate role is 24 days @ £150 per day = £3,600

An additional £250 will be available for travel expenses

The number of days will be used by March 2021


Targets will be agreed with IVE staff in advance of the work commencing. Progress will then be measured against agreed milestones.

Example milestones we will be looking to see:

· 200 moderations to be achieved by month 8 (at any level)

· 5 new settings planning to deliver by month 10

The contract will be reviewed if targets are not being achieved after the initial 12 month period.

Associates will be required to have 6 weekly check-ins with IVE staff (remote or face to face)

Contract length

The contract(s) will run until 31st March 2021

How to apply

Please send a CV and covering letter, detailing how you meet the person specification and why you are interested in this role to by 12pm on Monday 6th January 2020.

When applying, please state whether you are applying for Role 1 (Hull) or Role 2 (Sheffield) or if you have no preference.

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