Micro-commissions for artists and small arts and culture organisations working with education settings

Closing Date: February 8, 2021
£800. Paid in two instalments. p.a.

We’ve repurposed some of our funding to invest in the cultural sector during this third lockdown. We will support individual artists and small arts and cultural organisations, who historically work with formal education settings. Our aim is to help you adapt your practice so you can offer innovative creative activities and experiences to schools. Our focus is on digital, remote or blended approaches to one of the following,

What is the fund for?

In our Bridge England Network schools survey in 2020 school leaders and teachers told us that mental health and well-being, strengthening engagement and learning and bridging the learning gap were the most important learning needs during the Covid-19 disruptions.

The micro commission aims to give you space to research and develop your artistic/creative practice in response to these needs and create innovative products or services that you can offer to schools through remote, digital or blended activities. We’re looking for imaginative and innovative ideas that offer meaningful engagement and interaction with arts and culture.

Here’s the criteria.

*A refundable deposit is charged for our workshops, which is returned to you if you attend.

What’s on offer?

£800. Paid in two instalments. You can use the funding to support your own time and/or staff costs, pay for mentoring from experts in the field, materials and/or resources.

We encourage you to test out your new ideas with a school and get some feedback. We’ll do our best to help you find a school/class to do this (dependent on Covid-19 limitations).


To release your second and final payment we ask you to complete a short online form on your experience, and send us a description of your new product or service to schools.

To apply please click here and submit by Monday 8 February 2021.

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